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South Australia has much to offer tourists and should not be missed by travellers. From its beautiful city to the magnificent coastlines, there is so much to see and do. This months views feature the beauty of Adelaide in Winter. Bulbs are flowering, the almond blossom in the suburbs is at its height and storms rush across the coast from Port Willunga, gathering rain that will fall at Milang on Lake Alexandrina. Throughout the Adelaide Hills and the Mount Lofty Ranges nature is at work everywhere. From Blackwood to the Barossa Valley there is so much beauty to stop and see. If you missed the beauty of winter then Impact has captured it for you on these pages.
I hope you enjoy this collection of images from around our wonderful state of South Australia-State of Discovery.
Whatever your taste or budget...Adelaide and its surrounds has something to offer every tourist.
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PHOTO 1 ...Windswept gum trees at Keyenton
PHOTO 2 ...The Pipes at Eden Valley
PHOTO 3 ...Turtle Rocks at Eden Valley
PHOTO 4 ...Beautiful winter flowers roadside at Keyenton
PHOTO 5 ...Crimson colors adorne the street at Eden Valley
PHOTO 6 ...Rolling fields at Sandy Creek
PHOTO 7 ...Farmlands at Williamstown
PHOTO 8 ...The ruins at Lyndoch
PHOTO 9 ...The old view to the vineyards at Lyndoch
PHOTO 10 ...Australian billabong - roadside Barossa Valley
PHOTO 11 ...The old tin shed decorated with almond blossoms
PHOTO 12 ...Bird House at the Tin Shed McLaren Vale
PHOTO 13 ...The Prunus in full flower makes a spectacular winter display
PHOTO 14 ...The Iris greets winter with an array of colors
PHOTO 15 ...Early morning dew as the daisy drinks
PHOTO 16 ...The streets of Blackwood are bloom in a winter picture
PHOTO 17 ...The delicate flowers of the australian wattle come in many shapes
PHOTO 18 ...New growth on the pine trees that line the Brown Hill Creek Reserve
PHOTO 19 ...Endless wattles abound along the Coramandel Valley
PHOTO 20 ...Along the pathways at Sturt Valley the winter bulbs bloom
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