Track Cycling
Championships 2000
with Richard Surfield
Impact Internet Services thanks Australian Womens Individual Pursuit Champion Kathy Watt for taking part in this exclusive interview, the day after winning her eighth pursuit title. In two rides Kathy stamped her authority on the pursuit this time winning the inaugural title on the new Dunc Gray Olympic Velodrome, Sydney. After setting a qualifying time recently in W.A of 3.37:98 all is looking good for a return to the national team and possibly another crack at Olympic Gold.
You must have felt pretty good about winning last night, two from two and not a bad sort of a time considering the tracks so slow.
Yeh it's fairly slow conditions, only 20 degrees so the time 3.42 was pretty good considering. The main thing coming into a championships an old coach Henry Schubert used to tell me was just to make sure you win the championship and don't worry about times.
I guess the other thing not to worry about is whether other riders have had falls but to take it that on the night you did the job you wanted to do and that put you up in the eyes of the selectors.
Yes you just have to concentrate on what your doing in the individual pursuit and make sure your getting the best out of your self.
And do you feel real happy within yourself now.
Yeh I've qualified for this by riding the time in Perth and then winning the national championships so I'm in the front running for the pursuit and hoping to go to all the World Cups and ride well there.
Anything else coming up in the future...anything special.
(laughs) oh the Olympics hopefully in september.
and your quite happy with the way everythings heading towards that.
Oh definately. I've just done a PB over in Perth in training and I'm always more of a competitor than a trainer.
Do you think that once you get in to some competition in the World Cup you'll crack a better time
Yes I think I can keep improving from here, there's areas I can improve. I'll be going back and doing more strength work and some road work now and just building on what I've achieved and hoping to go faster by the time of the OLympics.
You qualify now as a veteran, so how does it feel at your age competing as an older athlete in an era when people are staying in their sport longer. Does that give you any drive to do better for yourself now that you are a little bit older and a lot more mature.
Well as I've got older I've developed a lot more strength from the road with things like the Tour de France, Tour of Italy, all the major tours around the world. I find because of all the tours I've got a lot of strength in my legs and I find I can push those bigger gears and thats certainly helping me with my pursuiting. Also Marion Clignet won a teams championship and a world title at 41, Jeannie Longo-Ciprelli won the olympics at 36 and was the world top female competitor and your VO2 can keep improving till your forty as long as you've got the will and dedication to keep training. I think you also become harder as a competitor as you get older and you learn just mentally and other ways that you can become better.And you can hopefully learn from those mistakes you made in the past and become better.
Well I certainly hope that everything works out for you, good luck and thanks for speaking with me.
no worries